Online Slots - Are Their Outcomes Predetermined?

By 23 July 2021

The world's gambling scene is constantly advancing with each day. Before now, any player who wishes to play casino games has to get to physical casinos which are usually found at 5-star hotels before they can do so. Today, however, you don't need to go through that stress. You can be in the comfort of your home and enjoy access to a wide range of impressive games. A common casino game featured by online casinos is video slots and this article will explain if their outcomes are predetermined. Go to to learn about bonuses and promotional offers of casino sites.

How Are Online Slots Affected By RNG?

Online slots like every other virtual casino games have an RNG (Random Number Generator). This is a complex algorithm which generates numerous number combinations that are used to make the outcome of the game random. This means that when you play an online slot, you have the same chance to win just like every other player. An impressive thing about the RNG of virtual casino games is that the outcomes they generate do not depend on each other. Thus, there is no way that you can know for sure what is going to be the next outcome of a spin in a slot.

  • RNG is responsible for randomising the outcome of a slot.
  • Developers and online casinos add security mechanisms in their games to make the RNG secure.

To ensure that slot games are safe and fair to play, the developers of these games test them before making them available for online casinos to feature in their lobby. If any online slot does not pass these rigorous testing phases, it is not released into the market. Developers also include several security features in their games to make sure that hackers cannot modify the RNG in any way. Apart from that, betting sites that feature these games also use different technologies such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt their website and make them secure.

Slots RTP and Volatility

In the previous section, we've explained how developers make the outcome of their slots randomised so that everyone has the chance to win. Now, let's discusses some essential things you need to know about slots that can affect how often you can win. Every online casino game has what is referred to as a Return to Player (RTP) percentage. This is the percentage of the total money that players bet on the game throughout its entire existence which they will also get back as winnings over time. However, this percentage is a theoretical value and may not be exact.

To better understand what a casino game RTP is, let's consider this example. Assuming the RTP of a particular video slot game is set at 97% and the total amount that players wagered on the game is $100 throughout its lifetime, then the amount that can be expected as a return, in the long run, will be $97. As for volatility, it is defined as the risk that comes with playing the game. Slots that have high volatility comes with a low probability of winning but high payouts while those with low volatility have high winning chances with low payouts.

Online Slots In-game Bonus Features

One impressive thing about online slots is that they come with in-game bonus features which can be triggered randomly. These bonus features are added into the game to make it more fun to play, and they can lead to more winnings. In most cases, they are attached to some special symbols like the wilds and scatter symbols. The most popular types of in-game bonus features in slots are free spins, sticky wilds, and multipliers. To check the in-game bonus features in a slot, simply access the information menu that is embedded in the game or read reviews about it online.